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Prospective Service Provider
Check in list of questions (please provide responses to the questions below for us to properly route your request for effective follow up and response)

Section 1 – General Information

If you have a presentation document or website link displaying this information please provide us with it and skip the corresponding items in this section. Otherwise, please let us know the following:

  1. Name of Company
  2. Location of headquarters and location of main subsidiaries
  3. Number of years of existence (date of start of operations)
  4. Shareholders (name of shareholder and percent shares held by shareholder)
  5. Management team (names of Members of the executive team)
  6. Number of employees
  7. Activities (by sector and country)
  8. Main markets served (countries and major regions within country)
  9. Key types of clients (specific client categories like fund managers, fund of funds, banks, private houses, development finance institutions)
  10. Important partners or contractual agreements (name of partner and type of contract)
Section 2 – Financials

Please provide us with your last 3 years financials. If you do not have these handy please share with us the latest audited accounts.

Section 3 – Specialization and Specific Services
  1. What is your motivation for seeking to serve Mkoba?
  2. What specific service are you proposing?
  3. What share is your proposed service to Mkoba to the total share of your annual client engagement? How do you intend to serve Mkoba (sectors, countries, services)?
  4. What is the basis of costing for the services rendered?

Please note that Mkoba selects service providers on a competitive basis and your offer will be considered along with the offer from others. Thank you!

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