Developing a sustainable African private sectorand empowering African Entrepreneurs

Despite the promising market opportunity presented by Sub Saharan Africa and the increase in investment in the region, many African owned SMEs are not able to participate fully and take advantage of the favorable economic trends. This is often due to lacking access to capital to develop and expand. Mkoba will focus on investing in African based, owned and/or managed businesses and joint ventures between local and international entrepreneurs.

Portfolio with a purpose beyond financial returns
Mkoba invests in a socially responsible manner that ensures attaining real development impact and promoting inclsuive growth, achieving the highest ESG standards as well as an explicit focus on gender equality and women's empowerment. Mkoba works with its portfolio companies throughout the investment cycle and closely monitors, supports and advices these companies to grow and perform at their full potentioal.

Hands on active portfolio management and value creation strategy through Finance+
An integral part of Mkoba’s strategy is its hands-on engagement with portfolio companies and its strategy of post-investment value creation.  In addition to providing capital through its equity investments, Mkoba will work closely with portfolio companies to unlock potential, strengthen performance and ensure that companies acquire the capacity, skills and know-how to grow and expand into new markets.  Mkoba’s proprietary Finance+ model involves tailoring strategic and operational advice and assistance to the specific and unique needs of each portfolio company.  Identifying these requirements, and being able to take action on them, forms an integral part of the advanced pre-investment due diligence and a key feature of the proposal.