Strategic Partnership for proprietary transations, active portfolio management and constantly monitored exit strategies. Mkoba fund has entered into strategic partnership with key local and international institutions providing the fund an edge in building a solid pipeline through proprietary deal origination by accessing local information and networks not available to other players. Sourcing, managing and exiting investment and achieving the funds high financial and developmental objectives will be made possible through the unique make-up of the experienced Mkoba team and its' unique networks and strategic partnerships with key players throughout the region.

Legal Counsel to the Fund
Chris Christodoulou, Christodoulou & Mavrikis Inc.

Internal legal counsel – Chris Christodoulou, Christodoulou & Mavrikis Inc. Johannesburg. Aviation and Commercial Law Attorneys


Norton Rose Fulbright

External Legal Advisers – Norton Rose Fulbright- Tanzania
Preferred Consulting Partner

Deloitte Tanzania