Prospective investee

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Prospective investee
Check in list of questions (please provide responses to the questions below for us to consider the relevance and fit of your request for investment, to the strategy of our fund).

Please ensure that your company and financing requirements falls within Mkoba’s mandate and investment strategy.

Section 1 – General Information

If you have a presentation document or website link displaying this information please provide us with it and skip the corresponding items in this section. Otherwise, please let us know the following:

  1. Name of your company
  2. Location of headquarters and location of main subsidiaries
  3. Number of years of existence (date of start of operations)
  4. Shareholders (names of shareholder and percent shares held by each shareholder)
  5. Management team (names of Members of the executive team and roles)
  6. Number of employees
  7. Activities (by sector and country)
  8. Main markets served (countries and major regions within country)
  9. Key sales channels (name specific channel like direct sales, sales representatives, digital channels, preferred suppliers etc.)
  10. Important partners or contractual agreements (name of partner and type of contract)
  11. Your main competitors and your market share compared to them
  12. What you consider your top 3 obstacles in managing your business
Section 2 – Financials

Please provide us with your last 3 years audited financials and budget for the current year, on a consolidated basis. If you do not have these handy or do not want to share these at this stage, please provide (indicative list):

  1. Turnover, gross margin, EBIT margin over the last 3 accounting years
  2. A description of your main cost drivers
  3. Net assets, net debt, net working capital at close of the last 3 accounting years
  4. Budgeted key figures for the ongoing accounting year
  5. Projected increase of figures (1. – 3.) after investment, for next 3 years
Section 3 – Plans & Funding Requirements Here we would like to know:
  1. Your motivation for seeking funding from us
  2. How much funding are you requesting
  3. Growth and expansion objectives at your company and how you intend to achieve them
  4. The share your funding request with us is to your total growth or expansion investments

Please note that Mkoba funds actual capital needs of a company (capital expenditures, expansion plans, etc.) as well as individual shareholders of a company if the request is in relation to the shares the individual owns in their company (for instance if an individual is facing a capital call).

Thank you kindly for the interest you have shown to access funding from Mkoba. Mkoba Private Equity Fund follows a due diligence procedure that is undertaken in response to requests for finance. We have noted your interest and have submitted your request to the Screening Committee. The team will respond to you following the initial screening process.

Thank you.

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